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Who might you be?

You do not need specific industry experience to be a successful Chemex franchisee.

Our franchisees are diverse and they come to us from all walks of life including the following backgrounds.



Armed Forces





Estate Agent

Ideal Franchisee

To say there is an ideal Chemex franchisee would be difficult.

You could be male or female, want the freedom of running your own profitable business and are prepared to apply the necessary system to do so.

So, it’s fairly simplistic, you could have experience from a different sector or job but you’re able to follow the franchise system to grow a significant business.

You do not need professional sales skills with our system, it is application and motivation that are the critical success factors, not your background.

Good Characteristics

A few other characteristics that certainly help the progress of your business are:

  • Drive, passion and a relentless desire to succeed.

  • A little bit of entrepreneurial flair but remember a franchise offers a system.

  • Organisation skills to manage clients with absolute professionalism.

  • Customer service ethos.

  • Can build strong relationships with people.

  • Motivation for continual learning because no market stands still.

Success & Stability

We know you want a future that’s full of success and stability. Our franchise doesn’t require you to work extended hours at a physical location like other franchises, there is genuine flexibility to manage the lifestyle you want.

Our model lets you build a local empire in your territory and challenges you in a professional capacity to nurture close customer relationships.

The end consequence of a Chemex franchise is a strong and consistent repeat order business.


What are you thinking about?

Here are some thoughts you may have right now

  • Business Plan

    Are you uncertain about writing a business plan and managing it?

  • New Challenges

    Do you feel comfortable with Marketing and working with potential customers?

  • Business Objectives

    Do you have a hard time setting goals and managing them through to completion?

  • Overwhelmed

    Are you frustrated because you don’t know where to begin?

Independent Business or A Franchise

Choosing whether to run an independent business or a franchise is an important decision. Becoming an independent business owner requires a lot of preparation and wearing various hats. You have to juggle running the business, including the operations, marketing, finance, administration and customer service after you’ve figured out how to do it.

The process of maintaining an independent business can be a daunting and exhausting one.

That’s where a Chemex franchise comes in.

We Make it Easier

The Chemex process and systems are robust. Here are some points to show you how we make things easy for you.

Copy or Modify

We make it easy by using or modifying what has already worked for another franchisee.


Local Targeting

We will work closely with you to ensure your strategy is geared towards the local market and its specific intricacies. You will utilise the unique selling proposition of Chemex but modify slightly to meet local requirements.

This will involve a detailed understanding of potential customers and clients. Once again, we are right there to support you with this process.

Flexibility & Creativity

While it is important to plan, schedule and carry out your strategy and tactics, we will encourage flexibility as you implement the required tasks. Ideas and creativity still need to be part of your business and unforeseen variations may become apparent, so flexibility is important.

Organisation & Productivity

You will need to be organised. If you’re not right now, that can be easily adapted because we have some great tools and processes to help you manage tasks easily. Our project management ethos and approach to getting things done usually rubs off on franchisees who see the benefits of operating efficiently and to a specified routine.

Remember, if you’re well organised you have more time for the things in your life you enjoy.

Simple Financial Management

Financial management is obviously important. The Chemex requirements are not overly excessive in this department. As long as you keep it up to date and follow the system, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress.