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Industry Recognition

By joining Chemex, you will be part of a brand that is well known within the hygiene and infection control industry. Build your business on the reputation that is already in place, rather than starting from scratch.

With Chemex you have access to our exceptional product range and advanced service system.

So, take advantage of the head start you get with Chemex.

Great Products

Great Service

Great People

Environmental Focus

Continual Innovation

Chemex is a leading manufacturer and innovator of cleaning, hygiene and infection control systems and products. We are continually coming up with new ideas, which help our customers to be more efficient and compliant, while supporting the development of our franchisees.

In addition, our award-winning, innovative marketing; effective lead-generation, cutting-edge mobile technology; dynamic, hands-on training and continual learning and development will help you build a successful business.

Advanced Technology

By developing our own proprietary software system, Chemex provides franchisees with advanced technology for compiling, operating and analysing data that is pertinent to the successful growth and maintenance of their business.

As a web-based system, it provides 24-hour access to client information, allowing you to service your clients whenever and wherever necessary.


Multiple Sectors

With Chemex you will not be trapped in one niche market because we work with many customers in various sectors.

As such, the opportunities are extensive!

Here are some of the sectors we work in.




Care Homes

Ambulance Sector



Golf Clubs

Chemex Advantages

When compared with other franchise organisations, there are some significant advantages with Chemex.

Constantly Updated Resources

Our markets, the world and our lives are constantly changing, which is why our resources, support tools and system continue to adapt.

As a Chemex franchisee, you’ll have access to a variety of materials to help you and your employees. At both the local and regional levels, you’ll have tools to help you identify strong customer prospects, target them, communicate your value proposition and bring them on board.

Marketing Guidance

Not all marketing tactics are effective in every market. That’s why Chemex have created a set of resources to help you with your marketing efforts. Combining our best practices with your local knowledge is an equation that works. We provide the tools needed to introduce Chemex to the area and to help you maintain long customer relationships.

Developing Your Team

When the time is right to develop your team, Chemex will be by your side every step of the way and will provide you with everything from how to properly train your employees, to important incentive schemes. We will guide you to success! Using the Chemex system, you can grow as big and as fast as you want.

Legislation Drives Growth

 You might be looking at other franchises who say that legislation drives business opportunities. There are many businesses that could say that but the strength and breadth of the legislation in the hygiene and infection control market is diverse and extremely important.

Furthermore, it’s not going anywhere, it’s likely to get stronger and tougher for your customers.

As such, the Chemex franchise system is built upon solid foundations to help protect our customers. As a franchisee, you will have the tools at your disposal to support customers in a way which significantly helps the growth of your business.

Don’t be perturbed, we make the complex simple!



An Enhanced Offer

Chemex is here to enhance, not interfere.

In fact, we help you do what you do better. Different tactics work in different markets. You know what’s most effective in your area; we simply provide you with the tools and the support you need.

Things to consider…

  • Low Initial Investment

    Your initial investment in the franchise could be as low as £10,000.

  • Lower Royalties

    Chemex doesn’t have high management service fees/royalties when compared to other franchises.

  • Less Bureaucracy

    With Chemex, there’s limited red tape or corporate bureaucracy, we want our franchisees to prosper by encouraging creativity and entrepreneurial flair.

  • More Experience

    Our experience as a franchise organisation, means we have a good grasp of what to do and what to avoid.

  • Number One

    We’re the #1 franchise brand in the hygiene and infection control sector. Our awards prove it. A brand people know and trust.

Your Research

Considering an investment in a franchise business requires pre-planning and lots of homework. Your first step is to think about your reasons for wanting to buy a franchise in the first place. From that position, you can figure out which one fits your motivations.

After you have sufficiently thought out your personal requirements, you can investigate what is right for you.

  • Is there a specific criterion you have for owning your own franchise?

  • Should you look into the most popular franchises or look for a more economical alternative with a competitive advantage which can generate high growth over the years?

  • Would you make this a family affair or seek a partnership with another who wants to own a franchise?

  • What about the location of your franchise? If you don’t find one for sale near your location, would you consider moving to purchase a franchise?

  • Do you want to work from home or from an office or shop?

  • What are your hobbies? Interests? Passions in life? How can the franchise work around your life?

  • Does your current financial position allow it (remember with Chemex, there are financing options)?